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EDPMEDIA Profession Learning Center (ELC)'s vision is to be the provider of Integrated Information Technology Solution and Service serving stakeholders to support the management of infrastructure, building & plant facility development, delivery & operation.
Visi EDPMEDIA Profession Learning Center (ELC) ialah menjadi Penyedia Solusi dan Layanan Teknologi Informasi Terpadu bagi para stakeholder untuk mendukung penyelenggaraan pengembangan & operasionalisasi infrastruktur, bangunan serta fasilitas industri.
EDPMEDIA Profession Learning Center (ELC)'s mission is to enhcance competency and productivity of human capital through the administration of ELC Certified Short Course Program and Capacity Building Program.
Misi EDPMEDIA Profession Learning Center (ELC) ialah untuk meningkatkan kompetensi dan produktifitas human capital melalui penyelenggaraan ELC Certified Short Course Program dan Capacity Building Program.
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