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GIS - Geospatial Information Management

GIS 101 - Infrastructure BIM: Master Plan and Land Use
Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Training, Autodesk Map Training
Course Objective
  • Land use analysis
  • Create thematic map / map theme
  • Working with digital elevation models
  • Targeted Audience
    Regional & Urban Planner, Municipal Engineer, GIS Engineer, GIS Manager, Geodetic Engineer, Facility Engineer, Facility Manager
    Course Outline
  • Base Map Topology
  • Create Map Attribute with Internal Database
  • Create Schema
  • Query to Analyze Data
  • Map Theme
  • Map Import & Export
  • Documentation & Reporting
  • Land Use Area Calculation
  • Working with Digital Elevation Model
  • Adopted Technology : Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite, Autodesk Map
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